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FundingBox Research Aps

FundingBox Research Aps

FundingBox Accelerator is a non-profit private entity supporting, promoting, and launching technological & innovative ‘scale-ups’ (startups and tech SMEs) initiatives in Europe with more than 500 deep tech startups and 33k overall users engaged in its main platform.

Funding Box is a partner and coordinator in more than 20 ongoing FSTP projects across Europe in which there is exposure to more than 33,500 entrepreneurs and 800 investors that have been reached to support Startups and SMEs through the more than 25 FSTP Open Calls managed by FBA since 2013.

The strategic positioning of Funding Box Accelerator in the European ecosystem is due to the synergies and intensive interchange of knowledge and experiences by belonging to ‘The FundingBox Group’. A group that integrates enterprises from Denmark, Spain, and Poland, fostering the mainstreaming and interchange of innovative initiatives between countries.

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