Sister Projects

i4Q is part of the 4ZDM cluster, the European initiative around the Factories of the Future Zero Defect Manufacturing priority which aims to promote the adoption of zero-defect production and quality control systems by industry.


i4Q’s sister projects funded under DT-FoF-11-2020/DT-FoF-10-2020 are InterQ, DAT4.ZERO, OPTIMAI and PeneloPe.


The PeneloPe Project

Closed-loop digital pipeline for a flexible and modular manufacturing of large components.

PENELOPE aims to develop a novel closed-loop digital pipeline. An end-to-end Digital Manufacturing solution, enabling a bidirectional dataflow for seamless integration across the entire manufacturing value chain.

The OPTIMAI project

The OPTIMAI project aims to create a new European industry ecosystem focused on innovative solutions to optimise production, reduce defects and improve quality to safeguard European industry for generations to come.


The OPTIMAI toolkit will be tested and validated in three selected pilot sites that cover a number of industrial domains: manufacturing of lifts (KLEEMANN, Greece), manufacturing of antennas (Televés, Spain) and assembly of microelectronics (Microchip Technology Caldicot Ltd, UK).