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Manufacturing Data Analytics for Manufacturing Quality Assurance


Edge Workloads Placement and Deployment


A toolkit for deploying and running AI workloads on edge computing environment, prevalent in manufacturing facilities, using a Cloud/Edge architecture. i4QEW provides interfaces and capabilities for running different workloads on different industrial devices, efficiently on the edge, including placement and deployment services.


Digital Twin simulation services

i4Q DT.png

Allows industrial companies to achieve a connected 3D production simulation, with a digital twin for manufacturing enabling virtual validation/visualisation and productivity optimisation using pre-existing and data from different factory levels (small cell to entire factory).


Services for Data Analytics


Provides a set of specialised analytic functions and incremental algorithms, operating on data streams with fast incremental updates, suitable for analytic processing of high-speed data streams.


Analytics Dashboard


A reporting interface that allows to monitor industrial data with fully flexible visualization drill down charts and flexible dashboard to provide meaningful analytics to users in real time basis using incremental algorithms.


AI Models Distribution to the Edge


A multi-tier infrastructure to address the management of AI-based workloads in a hybrid cloud edge manufacturing environment. i4QAI integrates a policy-based distribution mechanism for smart manufacturing environments scalability. The i4QAI AI model distribution isd coordinated with the workload distribution mechanism to ensure that the right set of AI models is made available.


Infrastructure Monitoring


Provides an ensemble of monitoring tools for smart manufacturing workload orchestration and predictive failure alerting, including monitoring the health of workloads and productively alerting and taking corrective actions when a predicted problem is detected. i4QIM supports industrial companies to reach autonomous operation in manufacturing environments.


Data Integration and Transformation Services


A distributed server-based platform with analytic and decision-making services, able to prepare manufacturing data for being efficiently processed by microservice applications. i4QDIT includes all the elements required for manufacturing data stream management: reading, cleaning, storing, indexing, enriching, searching & retrieving, maintaining, and correspondence of open APIs.


Big Data Analytics Suite


Provides core functions related to clustering, regression, classification, anomaly detection and temporal correlation of data generated by sensors and other Cyber Physical Systems mounted on industrial facilities. The key property of i4QBDA is speed and ability to support intensive data streams.

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