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i4Q Project videos

Woodworking is getting an upgrade

Since 1969, BIESSE has been a stalwart in designing, producing, and marketing technologies and solutions for the woodworking industry, from carpentry to large furniture, windows, and wooden building components.


But BIESSE doesn't stop there! They are also expanding into the realm of plastic processing machines, catering to a rapidly growing market.


Its latest project has set its sights on revolutionizing CNC (computer numerical control) machines, with the goal of improving data quality, consistency, and integrity.


Why, you ask ? Because it paves the way for game-changing diagnostic tools that have the potential to :


✨ Reduce machine breakdowns
🔍 Detect early degradation
📈 Increase productivity
⭐ Elevate product quality

The i4Q solution involves additive and virtual sensors, edge computing architecture, and IoT functionalities. This data will power Biesse’s Decision Support System and predictive maintenance algorithms, enabling them to :

⚒️ Detect degradation before faults
🗓️ Predict critical issues in advance
🚫 Identify inappropriate machine usage

But here's the kicker – these algorithms thrive on reliable data. So, we're conducting rigorous test cycles to acquire quality data from every meaningful device wired into our system. The results are promising, and we're gearing up for :

📉 Improved data quality
🔄 Enhanced data consistency
💾 Optimized data integrity
💉 Advanced diagnostics capability
📐 Elevated product quality
🚀 Increased machine productivity

The machines will even feature simulation capabilities, allowing us to fine-tune programs before execution, minimizing rejects due to planning or configuration errors.

Join the i4Q community and stay tuned for more updates and insights as we work towards a future of precision, productivity, and excellence in woodworking. 🪚📈🎄

Taking White Goods to the Next Level of Quality

Whirlpool Corporation, the global leader in white goods, with an astounding 60 million products sold across 170 countries in 2018. As part of this journey, Whirlpool EMEA plays a pivotal role in distributing approximately 20 million appliances in a dynamic and competitive market.


The cornerstone of quality assurance is product conformity testing conducted in laboratories, primarily on pre-series or new variant products. While this phase is crucial for mass production, it is not typically replicated during the product's life cycle due to time and cost constraints.


This limitation makes it challenging to identify potential manufacturing process issues, impacting the overall product quality.


In the meantime, i4Q is addressing the feasibility of conducting extensive conformity tests across our entire product range. Traditional testing methods are time-consuming and incompatible with our just-in-time production model.


i4Q is harnessing the power of data to transform our quality assurance process. By correlating various data sources, such as shop floor metrics, customer service data, and environmental factors, they aim to identify critical correlations that will enable us to focus our testing efforts more effectively.


This approach will lead to :

⚒️ Faster problem detection

🚨 Early warning system

💰 Reduced laboratory costs


The pilot project is underway at the Dishwasher factory in Radomsko, Poland. We are collecting data from various sources within our production process, including assembly lines, equipment, functional tests, and aesthetics control. i4Q will utilize this data to assess product conformity without the need for time-consuming mass testing.


The expected results are remarkable:

📉 50% reduction in Time-Cost-Quality expenses

⏳ 15% reduction in ramp-up time

🌱 20% reduction in scrap and rework

🏭 10% decrease in time to market


Join the i4Q community and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey for better quality assurance !

Metal Machining like you’ve never seen !

🚀 Exciting News from FACTOR ! Introducing our pilot episode in the journey to elevate manufacturing excellence !

FACTOR, a leading player in metal machining and precision turning, is kickstarting an innovative venture towards perfection in manufacturing quality assurance. 🌟


Their goal is to align with the rigorous data quality management requirements of the aerospace industry and become a prominent supplier.


They are on a transformative mission to achieve manufacturing with zero defects by addressing several crucial aspects :


✅ Eliminating efficiency failures caused by the state of the cutting lubricant.

✅ Minimizing breakage of cutting tools due to lubricant issues or blocked cooling channels.

✅ Enhancing diagnosis and evaluation of breakage incidents.

✅ Ensuring tools work within their optimum range.

✅ Predicting equipment damage in advance.

✅ Implementing efficient inspection for all manufactured parts.


📈 Why is this important ? Currently, FACTOR lacks a continuous process validation-based manufacturing lines qualification system. This impacts our ability to guarantee the inalterability of products and process data to our customers.


i4Q is determined to meet this requirement not only for aerospace and automotive customers but also as a competitive advantage across various sectors.


📈 Expected Results :

Our journey aims for impressive outcomes :

✅ Data accuracy/precision in timestamped sensor capture reduced from 50 to 10 ms.

✅ CNC machines set-up time reduced by 20%.

✅ Measurement time for complex parts cut in half, eliminating human error.
✅ Equipment productivity boosted by 5%.

✅ Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improved by 15%.

✅ Time to market for new parts reduced by 30%.


Join the i4Q community and stay tuned for more updates and insights on how these solutions are changing Manufacturing for the better !

Ria Stone's Journey Towards Excellence ! 🏭

Part of the prestigious "Visabeira Group," Ria Stone has been making waves since its inception in 2014. With a groundbreaking factory created to fulfill a monumental contract from IKEA Sweden for manufacturing 486 million tableware products between 2014 and 2026, Ria Stone has been at the forefront of innovation.


Ria Stone is on a mission to enhance our Overall Production Effectiveness (OPE) Key Performance Indicators. To achieve this, it’s embracing cutting-edge approaches to production, focusing on innovative defect management and production control methods. This includes the integration of in-line inspection technologies and ICT tools for autonomous, automatic, smart system decision-making. 🤖 💡


The i4Q project is implementing an in-line QC spectrometry analysis system that will analyze ceramic pastes from third-party suppliers in real-time, contributing to high manufacturing efficiency and optimal product quality. 📈 📡


Expected Results

What are we aiming for with this transformation? Increased Overall Production Effectiveness, higher First Pass Yield, zero defects in the firing oven, and a remarkable 70% increase in raw material reuse rate! 📈 🎯 ⭐


Join the i4Q community and stay tuned for more episodes like this ! 🌐 🤝

Interview with Ilias Gialampoukidis

Interview with Ilias Gialampoukidis, deputy coordinator of i4Q and a representative of CERTH, at the I-ESA 2024 conference in Crete. In this interview, Ilias presents the objectives and outcomes of the i4Q project, discussing the various technical challenges faced during its development. He highlights the significance of the technical solutions provided by the i4Q project for the industries of the future, detailing how these innovations can enhance manufacturing processes, improve efficiency, and support the transition to Industry 4.0. 🧑‍💻


Watch the full interview to gain insights into how i4Q is shaping the future of industrial technology and overcoming the hurdles of modern manufacturing.

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