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Communication Materials and Dissemination Resources

2021 Flyer

Presenting the 2021 flyer, designed specifically for the launch of the i4Q project in 2021. This informative document serves as a comprehensive introduction to the i4Q initiative, offering an insightful overview of its aims and aspirations. Within its pages, readers will find a detailed exploration of the project's core objectives, providing a clear understanding of the strategic direction and intended outcomes.


Moreover, the flyer meticulously highlights the pivotal role of pilot programs within i4Q, showcasing these initiatives as exemplars for testing the diverse range of solutions developed by the project. By spotlighting these pilots, the document elucidates how they serve as practical models for the implementation and validation of innovative strategies and technologies.


In essence, the 2021 flyer serves as a vital communication tool, effectively conveying the essence of the i4Q project, its overarching goals, and the tangible pathways through which it aims to revolutionize industrial practices for the future.


To showcase the pilot projects of i4Q, where various industries tested the i4Q solutions, Knowledge Biz created six detailed infographics. These infographics provide an introduction to each company's production process and highlight the specific i4Q solutions they tested. Each infographic not only outlines the unique production challenges faced by the company but also illustrates how the i4Q solutions were implemented to address these challenges, offering a clear and concise overview of the practical applications and benefits of the i4Q project in real-world industrial settings.

Infographie Design.png

2024 Flyers

In 2024, we decided to create new communication materials to showcase the progress of the i4Q project. As part of this effort, we developed a flyer designed to showcase different aspects of the project's advancements.

The flyer acts as a catalog of the technological solutions developed under the i4Q project. Through concise descriptions, it illustrates how these solutions optimize production processes, reduce losses, and enhance production efficiency. By offering concrete examples of the benefits provided by these solutions, the flyer effectively communicates the value of i4Q in driving innovation across industries.

POLICY BRIEF: Zero-defect and large-scale manufacturing – human-centric, open and ethical aspects of Factories of the Future / Made in Europe projects

This policy brief discusses novel approaches to zerodefect manufacturing and their role in the transition to Industry 5.0. It presents key aspects identified by ongoing Factories of the Future projects OPTIMAI, I4Q and Penelope for a human-centric, open and ethical European industry. It provides recommendations for policy measures to take into consideration when deciding on priorities for future Made in Europe work programmes.

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