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Reliable Industrial Data Services

Improve digital manufacturing through more reliable and effective data


Are continuously facing the challenge of redesigning and adjusting their manufacture systems.

They adapt their process to produce goods adapted to specific requirements and produced under the minimum required production rate, guaranteeing high quality and limiting the use of resources in order to:


  • Reduce production costs

  • Decrease waste, scraps and defects

  • Turn down production costs and lead times


This will allow to increase productivity and hence, to pursue manufacturing excellence.

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I4Q will provide a complete solution to improve the quality of manufactured products aiming at ZERO-DEFECT manufacturing.

i4Q aims to provide an IoT-based Reliable Industrial Data Services (RIDS), a complete suite consisting of 22 i4Q Solutions.


Manage the huge amount of industrial data coming from cheap cost-effective, smart and small size interconnected factory devices


The i4Q Framework will guarantee DATA RELIABILITY with functions grouped into five basic capabilities around the data cyles:

  • Sensing

  • Communication

  • Computing infrastructure

  • Storage

  • Analysis and optimisation

i4Q RIDS will include simulation and optimisation tools for manufacturing line continuous process qualification, quality diagnosis, reconfiguration and certification for ensuring high manufacturing efficiency. i4Q solutions will be validated in SIX USE CASES from relevant industrial sectors representing machine tool providers and production companies.

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